Ethics in the organization of work of public authorities in Ukraine


  • Olga Yevtushenko


Ключові слова:

public authorities, органи влади, organization, організація


At the present stage of modernization of state power and development of Ukraine the role of ethics and rules of conduct for public servants are important factors that must ensure the proper functioning of public authorities. Today, it is not enough to be a professionally trained employee for effective performance of state and regional tasks,  to have the necessary knowledge and sufficient work experience; it is also necessary to be able to establish business relations with consumers of management services and to avoid prejudgment or excess of official powers, and it is only possible only on condition of constant observance of rules of ethical behavior, availability of public servants and officials of local self-government of stable ethical beliefs, understanding of principles, understanding ability to act in good faith. In the people’s imagination, a public servant is not an ordinary specialist; it is a person who acts within the limits of the powers conferred on him on behalf of the state or territorial community...






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